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Real Madrid and Barcelona are set to go head to head on Saturday night for the fourth time already this season, as the Catalan giants host their greatest rivals at the Nou Camp. And if this weekend has proved anything in La Liga, then it’s that neither team are invincible. Yes both teams won their respective matches, but both had to come from behind in order to do so. And with the mid week distraction of Champions League semi finals […]

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For many people (myself included) the Spanish league was over as a competition was once Real Madrid went ten points clear at the top. It wasn’t that Barcelona were any less of the great side that they were back in May when they had lifted the Champions League, it was simply that a Real Madrid team managed by Jose Mourinho would not relinquish a ten point lead. And yet after conceding late goals against Malaga and Villareal, their lead has […]

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There is very little left to be said about this Barcelona side. They face Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday night having already secured a 3-1 advantage in the first leg in Germany. The second leg will be little more than an exhibition and failure to get through to the quarter finals for Barcelona would count as one of the biggest surprises in modern football. So while we all wait to see who they will play in the quarter finals, it’s maybe […]

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Small is better. Man has always tried to make things smaller in order to improve them. We had vinyl records, then we had CD’s & now we have MP3 players. The same seems to go for football. For a while at the start of the millennium it was larger, more athletic players that seemed to be winning out & changing the nature of football. The likes of Patrick Vieira & Steven Gerrard were held up as the future model for […]

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That’s a bit better from Barcelona. All but through in the Champions League and a good win over Valencia in the league. Who needs away wins in domestic football when you can just beat people at home? And what’s another league title between friends anyway? It’s all about the Champions League. Let Real Madrid have the league, they’ve spent enough money, they deserve it. This may be the attitude needed by the Catalan press to deal with near daily declarations […]

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