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Jose Mourinho asked those in charge to find him a number nine, and it would appear they have come back with Manchester Citys Emmanuel Adebayor. The news will underwhelm most of Madrids fans as he isnt quite the marquee signing that they had hoped for. With the Nou Camp demolition still fresh in the memory January represented a chance to sign a player that would reduce the burden on Cristiano Ronaldo to be the pinnacle of their attack. The fact […]

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With the season half way through, we thought it fitting to get the opinion of someone who will know Real Madrid very well. Andy May works for the clubs television station RMTV and he caught up with us lucky people to give us his thoughts on the season. He also took time out of his busy schedule to give some great advice to all future journalists. Kristan Heneage: Thanks for joining us Andy! First of all, how exactly did you […]

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10.  Real Madrid wins the Copa Del Rey-Runners up in ‘04 and ‘02 after winning it in 1993, this is Coach Mou’s goal.  Next up is Levante and I think Madridistas everywhere are hoping we can surprise some people and bring the King’s trophy to the King’s city. 9.  Kaka returns to his form when he was playing for AC Milan and won the FIFA World Player of the Year-He’ll be back in January and everyone in the world (including […]

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Earlier this year Jose Mourinho masterminded an aggregate win over Barcelona in the Champions League. His Inter Milan side went on to win the competition and with it Mourinho gained more plaudits for his ability to limit and essentially shut down one of if not the most dominant club side in world football. So when his new team took to the pitch on Monday against that very Barcelona side of seven months prior fans and pundits alike expected a fantastic […]

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Money always has been, and always will be, a determining factor in professional football, and the global financial crisis of the past two years has forced a number of clubs to look closer to home to find a solution. For most of them, including some of the biggest names in the game, it has become imperative that young players are brought through to ensure economic survival. Spains triumph in the 2010 World Cup put the role academies have to play […]

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