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Its time to start seriously looking at the possibility of Barcelona B winning the Segunda. If you think Im nuts, consider the evidence: A swift 4-0 win over Granada on Friday night has brought Barca to within six points of co-leaders Rayo and Betis. Granted, the referee gave a PK in favor of Barca B and a red card to Granada in the first half, but still, I think Barca B would have won that match at even strength. Keep […]

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Lets just cut right to the chase. Theres really only one Segunda game this weekend that will divert most peoples attention away from the international friendlies and Euro qualifiers and thats the Sunday night prime-timer between Rayo and Betis. Slotted into the 9pm spot on Canal +, there has been as much hype for this game than any Segunda game in recent memory. Rayo will be desperate to avenge their 4-0 loss in Sevilla in the first half of the […]

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Players making guarantees of wins first became famous way back in 1969 when Joe Namath of the New York Jets predicted a Super Bowl win over the heavily-favored Baltimore Colts (BTW, European readers, Im talking American football here). Lo and behold Broadway Joes words proved prophetic in the Jets 16-7 upset. There have been other athletes since then in all different sports who have made similar predictions but rare is the day where you have a coach come out and […]

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Three defeats in a row was a bache. A rough patch. Four losses in a row was labeled a depresion. Now after Sundays 1-0 loss at Valladolid, I think its safe to say that Betis are in full crisis mode. The verdiblancos havent registered a win since their stunning Cup victory over Barcelona and Sundays encounter against the pucelanos proved to be more of the same. A lack of punch on the offensive end and timely goal-scoring from their opponents. […]

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There are times during the Segunda season when I sit back and think to myself, What in the hell is going on? It usually happens once or twice a year and by midday on Sunday that feeling was back in spades. The only thing to console me from an otherwise unnatural weekend was my correct 0-1 prediction in the Huesca-Girona game. Rayo might lose to Tenerife and Betis might lose two straight at home, but Huesca are certain to play […]

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