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When the Segunda season of 2003-2004 came to an end, the lowest of the lows reverberated around the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas. Not only had Rayo Vallecano just completed its first season after getting relegated from the Primera the year before, but the club was destined for a new home: the dreaded Segunda B. By this point, Rayo Vallecano were an afterthought in Spanish futbol. Neighbors Getafe became known as Madrids third club, even though just four years prior Rayo […]

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So while the big news in Spanish futbol over the weekend was who would be joining the Segunda next year after a drop from the Primera (still cant believe its Depor), the playoff race effectively ended on Sunday with Rayos swift butt-kicking of Xerez. The victory earned Rayo promotion to the Primera and also left Xerez with just a sliver of hope at a playoff spot. Thats because Valladolid took care of business at home and defeated Gimnastic 1-0. Again, […]

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As mentioned in the Coruxo article, I am back in the US but that doesnt mean my attention has wavered away from my dearly beloved Segunda. In fact, being in Spain for those 10 days only stoked it more, especially after visiting Vallecas on a match day (NOTE: Ill have a separate Rayo promotion article once it happens). Anyways, Jornada 40 in the Segunda kicks off tonight and it could be a weekend where all promotion, playoff and permanencia spots […]

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So first and foremost I need to mention that Ill be hopping on a plane on Sunday and traveling to Spain where I plan to get in plenty of futbol watching. Of note, Ill be at Thursdays Rayo Vallecano Elche game in the press box doing live blogging/Tweeting in what could be the match that sends Rayo to the Primera. For anyone interested in seeing Tweets, just follow me @archbell. Needless to say it should make for a pretty […]

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This past week in the Segunda was one for the cranky and fed up which included both players and fans. As is ritual in Spain when a team is performing abysmally, several fans went to Albacetes training grounds to yell at the players and call them a bunch of losers and mercenaries. I have to side with the fans here. Watching Alba play can be downright depressing. Youd be hard pressed to find a pulse on that team right now. […]

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