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As.comReal Madrid: Benzema arrives on top: Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid: The forward vindicates himself with goals after Mourinho petitions for signing another number 9. Ozil: left in Alicante, details of great quality. Di Maria: scored for the first time as a Real Madrid player. Marca.comReal Madrid: Benzema plugs-in: The number 9 of Madrid scores two goals. Di Maria scores his first, Ozil sparkles in his time as a player in his debut. Granero vindicates himself. Reaction: I have to say […]

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Last Friday, we commented that there was a distinct chance that there would be a strike called over unpaid wages by the AFE when representatives of Spanish clubs met in Madrid on Monday and that Saturdays Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona match would be the flashpoint. Well, they met and the derby match has been spared. Are you breathing yet, because its still a cause to worry. Round 33, which is the following week, is now the date. On […]

Posted by LaLigaWeekly On Apr - 6 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST Real Madrid: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Guti: The #14 changes the complexion of a turgid Madrid in the first half. Cristiano and Higuain continue to score, they now make-up 51 of the the 100 goals the whites have scored this season. Racing came out strong but hardly bothered Casillas. Canales shone in front of his Madrid who almost scored a vasilina goal. Marcos Alonso: after debuting in white, It hs been uplifting. England: the papers insist that Ferguson wants […]

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Sorry about the lateness of this post, so I had to change the column for this week to Tuesday morning papers, but I did post another Premier League Nonsense for you all instead. SO enjoy the war of words here between Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona: Pep Guardiola: the referees ask for sanctions on Pep. Demanding punishment for calling Clos Gomez a liar. Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo: The committee wont sanction the stamp. Cristiano fed up with the aggressions, They take your […]

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Usually when I do these Monday Morning roundups in La Liga, I put together some quotes from the Madrid dailies, because well their frankly more entertaining, but after Madrid came back and beat Sevilla while Barcelona were drawing to Almeria in a disputed match away from home, I decided to catch what the reaction was in Catalunya. El Mundo Deportivo Barcelona: Persecution: Mass Media: the persecution of Barça knows no end. The campaign by some sectors of madridistas has managed […]

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