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Small is better. Man has always tried to make things smaller in order to improve them. We had vinyl records, then we had CD’s & now we have MP3 players. The same seems to go for football. For a while at the start of the millennium it was larger, more athletic players that seemed to be winning out & changing the nature of football. The likes of Patrick Vieira & Steven Gerrard were held up as the future model for […]

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That’s a bit better from Barcelona. All but through in the Champions League and a good win over Valencia in the league. Who needs away wins in domestic football when you can just beat people at home? And what’s another league title between friends anyway? It’s all about the Champions League. Let Real Madrid have the league, they’ve spent enough money, they deserve it. This may be the attitude needed by the Catalan press to deal with near daily declarations […]

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So often great teams are defined by who leads them. Whether it’s Steven Gerrard dragging Liverpool up by his bare hands against Milan in Istanbul or Franz Beckenbauer calmly and decisively leading West Germany to victory in the 1974 World Cup despite going a goal down inside the first minute to the great Dutch team of that era. All teams who win at the highest level need one man who will do whatever it takes to win and get the […]

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Local derbies rarely pass with little incident. In the early kick off on Sunday in England, the two Manchester sides produced one of the most memorable local derbies in recent memory. Or at least since the 6-1. In Spain it was the turn of Espanyol and Barcelona to put on a show. If what followed might not be worthy of the tag “classic”, it can certainly be described as important. Both in terms of what that point means to each […]

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On Saturday night Barcelona once again stood at the top of world football. Once again they went toe to toe with their greatest advisory and once again they come out victorious, standing tall above the rest of world football. This was more than just another El Classico. This seemed different, a genuine turning point in modern Spanish football. Real Madrid went into this match on top of the league and for the first time too, on top psychologically. Cracks has […]

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