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For those of you who saw the after-party special yesterday where Pepe Reina, everyones master of ceremonies, introduced his teammates in a spectacular redux of his famed Euro 2008 monologue, and wondered what in the world he was saying, heres my little bit to help all of you. A translated version of the highlights. Number 1: On the 20th of May in 1981 a Saint was born in Móstoles, stops a penalty in the quarterfinals against Paraguay, blocks everything in […]

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Ill make this short and sweet. This is not an I told you so. I wont spend my time rebutting certain so-called analysts that have spread their prejudices here over the last two years, calling out the Spanish and the Spanish style of play other than this: Brazil were found out, Germany is not the greatest league in the world, and Spain are World Champions, so for the next four years, just stand in line, wait your turn, but please […]

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The not so closely guarded secret that David Silva was signing for 33 million euros is out in the open. The Valencia forward, born in the Canary Islands like my grandfathers grandfather was, will now test his metal in the most competitive league in the world. Its a boon for Manchester City. Time after time, players have thumbed their noses at City for the big bucks at Real Madrid or other more established clubs in England. An established player wants […]

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The opening match of the 2010 World Cup was an exciting affair in the lead-up, a historic day for an entire continent but there were very little expectations for the Bafana-Bafana. I felt if they could get a point in this opening match it would be a great way to lift the curtain to the competition and early on it looked unlikely that the hosts were going to give any kind of struggle to El Tri. Ex-Barcelona canterano Giovanni Dos […]

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End Of Season Awards: Here are my picks for the 2009-2010 season. What are yours? Team of the season La Liga: Barcelona. 99 points and their second consecutive La Liga title. If Mallorca had secured that final Champions League spot I might have been swayed. As it is theyll be in Europe but without chief architect, coach Gregorio Manzano who quit and their economic situation might just leave them out altogether. La Liga Player of the Year: Lionel Messi. 47 […]

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