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Happy New Year La Liga Weekly readers! When one is considering a new football boot, there are many criteria that must be fulfilled. The set of criteria itself is fairly variable given the playing style and typical position of the player, as well as other things like playing surface and weather conditions. It behooves you to own a couple pairs of boots for all of these occasions and situations, but lets be realistic, besides a professional, who can afford that? […]

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Usually the Barcelona kits that Nike have been working on over the last few years have been truly horrendous, especially with the away kits. I remember that horrid beige kit, the tacky aquamarine or the god-awful radioactive yellow monstrosity, but at least the home kits have been classy, elegant and traditonal even when the Portland, Oregon sportswear giant flirted with half-panels one year or adjusted the width of the stripes, but this year., pretty much everything bites. Home Kit: I […]

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Recently I was surfing the web looking for a certain wine.  I havent found the right one yet and am still searching but did come across several Italian vintages plus the preferred Champions League beer. Heineken has long been the official sponsor of Champions League and their advertising campaigns are always catchy, good for a smile and laugh but how about this sports drinkers, May 27, 2009 saw the UEFA Champions League Final held in Rome and Heineken marketing gurus […]

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For my product review, I got to try the Adidas Spain Training Top that La Furia Roja (Spanish national team) will be wearing while in South Africa for the World Cup this summer, courtesy of SoccerPro. The top came to my door very quickly, maybe a week after I ordered it, and was in the usual adidas packaging, with a nice fold job and all the official tags on the top as was to be expected. As I ripped open […]

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If you havent already heard, Soccerpro just launched a Jerseys for Life Sweepstakes. Its part of the World Cup celebration. Every soccer fan they have told about this went cuh-razy. Attention all soccer fanatic fans go to WorldCup At SoccerPro for details. By the way the folks at SoccerPro are also giving away a $10 coupon just for entering so get yourself to to check out all the World Cup gear youve been looking for.

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