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Being a fan in this country has always been hard. In the days before Fox Sports there was the NASL, then the indoor leagues, and maybe the Mexican League stand-offs on the weekends, but overall this wasnt considered a real hotbed of soccer fandom. Sure, wed see a World Cup every 4 years and wed get a hint of what the great players in the world were doing, we heard of Real Madrid and Manchester United, Milan and Juventus, Barcelona […]

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Ive been holding off on commenting at all to this story because while it has been in the works for over a year no one really understood the dynamic of a club and a player so at odds that they would terminate a 5 year relationship that had led to titles, trophies and glory for both parties involved. Yes, Samuel Etoo will be leaving Barcelona, for 40 million euros or 45, with or without another player like Aliaksandr Hleb as […]

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Anyone who has been following the blog for awhile knows that the wags of the world are never far from the realm of Forza Futbol. After much cajoling, primarily from my friend Elisa, I decided to start the wags up again but I was hesitant, nothing really struck me as funny or interesting, but then lo and behold, my favorite Brazilian Robinho got hisself a permanent baby-mama. I couldnt help myself. Guarujá, Brasil: in the luxurious hotel Casa Grande, in […]

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The transfer window opened yesterday, and pretty much, the expected Galactico Tsunami hit Spain and the repercussions will be felt for days, weeks, and months to come. The best team in the history of Barcelona football should be enjoying the fruits of its labor, but instead is being tapped up, cajoled and worse yet upstaged by an unprecedented amount of money and influence brought under with the sole purpose of knocking them off their peg. English clubs have felt the […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Madrid, Kaka signed for Madrid, and even Raul Albiol signed for Madrid, so it was obvious that when all reports were coming in that David Villa was about to sign for Madrid, for anywhere between 30-35 million euros, one could have been forgiven to assume that another signing, this time a Spaniard at the top of his game, was an outright given. Then Valencia pulled out of the verbal agreement, Villas management team said no offer […]

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