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As you have probably heard, Cesc Fabregas has all but torched the idea of signing for Barcelona at least for this year, by publicly stating his fealty to Arsenal FC. Its a pyrrhic victory for the Gunners as few believe that in the long run, the London club can hold a player like Cesc if he truly wants to leave. Barcelona were not willing to budge on their 40 million euro offer to Arsenal (hes actually worth in upwards of […]

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Life as a futbol coach in Spain comes with plenty of scrutiny. Sure the coaching turnstile at Real Madrid never gathers any rust but the same could be said for the head men in the Segunda Division. Let us never forget the four changes made in four months at Alicante during the 2008-2009 season. Essentially they are hired for one reason which is to get their respective club promoted to the Primera. With there being 22 teams in the Segunda […]

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The entire world is in the 3rd year of a recession. The football world has not been spared and the most recent victim are the giants from Catalonia, FC Barcelona. A recent audit into FC Barcelona’s finances have revealed the club’s debt is a staggering 442m Euros (£369.5m) after a loss of more than 77m Euros (£64.36m) last season!! You may say, Who cares? Or All I care is about what happens on the pitch. The problem is these footballing […]

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You may all have heard, but Ill reiterate, Fabio Cannavaro Azzurri captain and ex-Real Madrid and current and former defender for Juventus has been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance (cortisone). The websites start buzzing with activity and the anti-Italian segment reply with the now we all know how they won the last World Cup but is it really? Some reports state that the guy was stung by a bee or a wasp (which explains the buzzing I […]

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With the death of former captain Dani Jarque, the club have been reeling with the expectations to find someone to take up the mantle of the captaincy, someone who can focus their grief and lead them. Its a good choice, the man they call Lil Buddha is already an on the field leader with his controlled passing game. He came up with the Barcelona youth team and was regarded as the natural successor to Pep Guardiola but according to some, […]

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