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Tis the season where accusations fly all over the place about bonuses and briefcases full of cash being paid to teams who would otherwise have no incentive to win. First it was Valladolid manager Djukic claiming that Celta were paying off all of Valladolid and Deportivos rivals. Then yesterday Paco Jemez bluntly stated that even though Murcia will come in primado for this weekends match, he expects his team to do well blah blah blah. Everyone knows this goes on. […]

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This midweek slot of games in the Segunda isnt one that stands out. Originally scheduled to be played a few months ago, this is the actual Jornada 30 that is being squeezed in this week, a rarity considering there were midweek games last week as well. Most of the attention will be given at the top of the table so lets start there. Deportivo will try to rebound from their away loss at Xerez when they face Gimnastic on Wednesday […]

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Best to hold off on all the aliron, pasillos and champagne talk as Deportivo as made things a little more complicated for themselves after losing to Xerez on Sunday 3-2. It was odd timing considering that it was 365 days prior when Depor lost at home to Valencia to officially be relegated. Consider this a toque de atencion for the Galcian side. Being the leader that he is, Juan Carlos Valeron came out this morning saying that he understands any […]

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After a rapid-fire week of games in the Segunda, things have cleared up a bit when it comes to the playoffs and relegation. The second automatic promotion spot very much remains in doubt but well get to that later. Lets start at the bottom. Its do or die for Gimnastic who are nine points off of safety (even after the Villarreal lifeline) and are expected to go down this weekend. Nastic ended up drawing with Girona midweek 1-1 in a […]

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The ripple effect took effect just shy of 10pm Spanish time on Sunday as Villarreal were officially relegated to the Segunda. It was one of those shocking realizations that happened in rapid-fire succession which prompted a collective Oh my God, Villarreal is relegated around the Twitterverse. I know I speak for many in saying that I did not want Villarreal to go down. A club that has traditionally played in Europe the last eight seasons or so almost doesnt belong […]

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