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La Liga was first formed back in 1927 by Jose Maria Acha, and it was agreed that ten teams would be included in Spains Primera División. Barcelona won the very first Liga in 1929, but the league was brought to a halt by the Spanish Civil War.

Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano

After the war, certain club emerged as particularly strong competitors most notably Atlético Aviación (now known as Atlético Madrid), Valencia and Sevilla. However, this was partly due to the fact that many clubs had lost players due to exile or injury as a result of their part in the war. This was undoubtedly affected sports right across the board in Spain, from professional competitors in juegos poker, to tennis players and athletics champions. However, during the latter half of the 20th century Barcelona re-emerged as something of a forced to be reckoned with with the realm of Spanish Futbol.

It was during this time that the rules changed regarding the number of foreign players which were able to play for each team, as certain clubs naturalized top players in order to include them. Real Madrid dominated the Primera División between 1961 and 1980, with Atlético Madrid proving to be their only serious competitor. However, the Madrid winning streak came to an abrupt e4nd when, in 1981, Real Sociedad beat them in order to win their first ever title.

The 1990s saw Barcelona dominate once again, as manager Johan Cruyff returned to put together what became know as the Dream Team. This newly formed team won the Primera División six times during this period, as well as the 1992 European Cup.

In more recent years, La Liga has found new challengers in the form of Deportivo La Coruña, who have finished with the top three league positions on more than ten occasions. Under the management of Héctor Cúper, Valencia has also undergone something of a resurgence within La Liga. Having said this, the league itself has experienced something of a crisis due to its growing debts, and disunity regarding the television rights of certain clubs.

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