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Headline: That was certainly the headline that was running around newspapers yesterday, and not just the usual suspects either, no there were call coming from all over the world in favor of just handing the reigns to the Argentine Ballon D´or winner. I wish they would just stop with the heavy-handed praise for a kid who is just beginning his career. He´s the best there is at the moment, but not the best of all-time, not yet at least, but […]

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We cover La Liga, the Spanish Primera and Segunda here, and we try to offer the league with an unbiased eye or at least not so biased an eye that would force you to keep coming here. It´s not about separating into our tribal councils, it´s about sharing our passion for our league and our teams. So I try not to let my colors show all that much, but I´m an RCD Espanyol fan at heart. I bleed blue and […]

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I was listening to an NPR podcast the other day and the discussion revolved on what figure, whether a musician or writer, actor or director, and in this case for these purposes here a manager or player, you have had a complete change of heart on? In other words, have you liked or disliked someone so much that it became obsessive and you have done an about face and you say to yourself, ¨How could I have ever thought that […]

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After a long and torturous winter-break, the Primera returns for its second go-around. The players are well-rested and relaxed, if a bit sluggish really from all the merriment, but whether they are ready or not, we certainly are, and we demand entertainment. If this weekend is any indication, we are in for plenty. First, let me reset the stage: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are unlikely to deal in the winter market, and most other clubs are in a crisis-induced […]

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Goyo Manzano, if we look back on his achievements and stop with his last few weeks in charge of Real Mallorca in 2010, was a successful and well-respected coach looking to parley that magical season where the Andalusian coach had the minnows in a Champions League place for much of the season into a significant pay-day. He had earned it. Mallorca on the other hand couldn´t afford his salary let alone give him a raise. He would wait, the offers […]

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