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elpresidente On January - 14 - 2012

Real Madrid Corner: An exit for José

José Mourinho has been pining for an English return practically from the moment he was fired, or stepped down, or was let go by the Russian oligarch at Chelsea FC. It´s an issue that crept up when he was holiday for that year in 2007-2008, when he on the sidelines at the Giuseppe Meazza Inter, and practically from the moment he stepped foot at the Santiago Bernabéu.

It´s a love-affair from the moment he stepped off the plane. He suits the English game and the English game suits him. I know that madridistas will disagree. How could any manager take what Florentino Perez has provided for him and set that aside? He bought some of the most valued players in the game. He spent close to one third of a billion euros of the club´s money for his managers in the time since his return to Madrid. He gave him unprecedented control of a club that is the grandest of all clubs in the last century. He bought players that would do the dirty work that the usual galacticos wouldn´t and changed his executive philosophy, removed trusted upper management, fired Jorge Valdano and this is the loyalty that José is giving the club? The Madrid faithful love him to the point of excess.

I know José has come down off the perch, that he was misquoted and he read a more favorable statement praising the gifts that he has received at Real Madrid, stating that he would be at the club for years upon years, but don´t believe it. He´ll stay the year and he might take an extension on the remainder of his contract, but no matter what Florentino Perez acquiesces to his Portuguese manager, he can never give him what England can give him: total control of football operations, favored status in the English press, and an ability to right the wrong that the last few years at Chelsea FC did to his career. England calls him, make no mistake on that, but in the mean-time Real Madrid will get a manager that is razor-focused on delivering league, cups, and that elusive 10th Champions League to los blancos.

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