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elpresidente On January - 18 - 2012

El Clásico Expected

There will be no Barcelona Observer or Real Madrid Corner this week, as if anyone had anything to say other than that today the two giants in Spanish football will face each other in the second rivalry match of the campaign. Sorry, but I refuse to call this a derby match. I´m sort of a stickler for certain bits and derbies are matches between city rivals.

The expectation is that José Mourinho will play it close in the first match, preferring to secure a draw at home and play for the away goal at the Camp Nou, but I doubt he´ll deliver that. I think Real Madrid will use the Santiago Bernabeu to secure the win, keep Barcelona on the losing side and avoid too many away goals, and set-up shop in Barcelona. Barcelona won´t change. They´ll attack. They might throw in a new wrinkle or two, disguise their formation and their defensive tactics, start Cesc on the wing for instance or Alexis through the middle or vice versa, but I doubt they will divert too much from their basic philosophy. If boxing is a contest of styles and how they match up against each other, these are two clubs with equally effective but opposing styles. It should be fun to watch if you support either club or if you cover the club or if you´re a neutral who supports a club elsewhere, but if you´re like me and you support a club in Spain?

Frankly, I couldn´t care less and I think that´s a growing problem. I´m certainly in the minority, but there are a lot of people like me that are tired of the immense hype that these clásico matches inspire. There is a ceiling as too how much morbo, or rivalry fueled hate, can be absorbed by people who don´t think that white or blaugrana are ¨the most beautiful colors in the rainbow.¨ It´s quite often not a very good match at all, but we have to suffer the pitch that the world stops as Real Madrid and Barça face-off. Oh, I´ll watch it and I will cover it, but I quite honestly couldn´t care less who wins it in the end. I´ll just hope for the good match that will probably disappoint in the end.

Final Score: a 2-2 draw with Real Madrid taking the early lead and Barça clawing their way back.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Richard Garcia says:

    Presidente, I can understand your fatigue, but this is still a match between two hated rivals who also happen to be two of the best teams in the world. Must watch. VISCA BARCA!

    • elpresidente says:

      Yeah, I guess, but I knew what was going to happen. I thought it would end in a draw, but it´s obvious that Barça still have the head-to-head edge on Real Madrid.


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