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elpresidente On January - 11 - 2012

Barcelona Observer: Messi the best of all time?

Headline: That was certainly the headline that was running around newspapers yesterday, and not just the usual suspects either, no there were call coming from all over the world in favor of just handing the reigns to the Argentine Ballon D´or winner. I wish they would just stop with the heavy-handed praise for a kid who is just beginning his career. He´s the best there is at the moment, but not the best of all-time, not yet at least, but he has every opportunity.

No, he doesn´t have score 1,000 goals like Pele did and he doesn´t even have to win a World Cup either. There is a high likelihood that Lionel Messi will never win the World Cup that the man he is most compared to Diego Maradona did. It´s not that there is anything wrong with Messi either. Maradona never had to play with Carlos Tevez. In my opinion, winning the World Cup is not the measure of individual greatness it once was. Admit it, it´s not even the measure of collective greatness anymore. Players on national duty just don´t spend the amount of time that those classic squads did. International coaches just don´t have the luxury of sequestering their players for months on end and playing competitive matches in preparations for World Cups. The games aren´t all that good really. Don´t get me wrong, I think World Cup games continue to be interesting, a bit of nationalistic chest-bumping and an excuse to get drunk and paint your face if you´re a supporter, but as match-ups they always disappoint. To be considered the best of all-time he just has to continue doing what he´s doing over then next 10 years. If he wins more of these gilded doorjams and Barcelona continues their uncontested hegemony because of his doing, more leagues and trophies in their larder, then you can say what you want but he´ll be the best in my book.

Other News: Pep Guardiola wins the Coach of the Year award and there is hardly a ripple in the space-time continuum. Would more ink have been spilled if José were so honored? I guess Pep needs a better press liaison. I usually don´t like getting into transfer talk this early in the transfer market, but the fact that both of Valencia´s defenders (Jordi Alba and Victor Ruiz) are attracting attention from FC Barcelona shows that the club is finally responding to the dire threat their aging defense is becoming exposed, especially on the road, by entrepreneuring sides willing to attack Barça on the wings. It is doubtful that Valencia would give them both up, but less likely that the miserly Sandro Rosell would pay their fees with the usual mark-up that clubs give Barcelona.

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