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elpresidente On December - 16 - 2011

Target On: Cristiano Ronaldo

I´d say one of the most important storylines that all the major papers are talking about in Spain this week is the idea that CR7, one of the great footballers of this and any age is taking the brunt of the criticism for having lost all but one encounter with FC Barcelona since his time at Real Madrid. Even Marca and were ganging up on the Lusitanian. Hes Real Madrid´s #7, one of the great numbers that have ever been worn by the whites, and the heir to Raúl Gonzalez Blanco. He should be basking in the glory of their league leadership, but instead the pundits are questioning him again. Three goals in his clásico matches and all anyone can ever fault him for is his inability to involve his team-mates more in clear scoring opportunities.

It´s not fair. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the more divisive footballers in the world. You either love the guy or hate him, but there is no denying the skill or the talent. Is there a reason why he is judged any differently than Angel Di Maria or Gonzalo Higuain? Are they any more selfish in attack than he is? Is it just that hes the one whose higher profile screams out individualism?

Cristiano Ronaldo did not lose last Saturday´s clásico. His coach did. Real Madrid are a very talented club saddled with with a guy who believes the idea that modern tacticians are more important than impact players. Now, Im not saying that just anyone can throw the ball on the pitch and guide a club to trophies and titles, nor even that Mourinho isnt the best at what he does, but not every player fits in with the system that he has in place and some players don´t no-matter how talented they are. It reminds me of Helenio Herrera, the man with whom Mourinho is often compared to. In his time at both Barcelona and Inter Milan, Herrera bristled with fantasista type star players like Laszlo Kubala. There is an expectation in his sort of system that everyone works hard, everyone tracks back and everyone does the dirty work but not everyone is prepared to sacrifice themselves offensively to provide extra solidity in defense, not everyone has it in their make-up. Samuel Etoo practically played fullback in Inters Champions League run two years ago, but I doubt Cristiano can or should provide a similar service.

Blame the player if you want, As and Marca are more than willing to shift the blame in that direction, but Cristiano Ronaldo is more important a cog to the health of Real Madrid than José Mourinho could ever be.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. lol says:

    People always blame the top player or credit the top player. Messi is the perfect example.. He plays with this amazing team and gets all the credit.
    individually ronaldo has broken records in 2 different countries. But being that madrid doesnt click as well as barcelona, he will never get the recognition he trully deserves.

    • elpresidente says:

      Messi gets plenty of blame, far more than he deserves for why Argentina don´t click while on the other hand Cristiano escapes criticism for Portugal for the most part. It´s not as simple as one or the other. Great players will get criticized more than mediocre players

  2. Rob says:

    Hes held to a different standard. If Messi missed three golden chances, and Madrid beat Barca 3-1, I am sure they would be all over Messi. Angel and Higuain are not in the same world as Messi and CR7. He is expected to score, and he was nonexistent the whole game. Thats what you get when you cost the club 200M pounds to bring you in and youre the highest paid footballer in the world. Hes the most mentally tough player in the entire world. He needs to adapt and get over it. He belongs to Madrid. He can go down as the greatest Madrid player of all timeif he finds a way to man up and take over these clasicos like Messi does.

    • elpresidente says:

      The point of the article is that you can´t blame Cristiano for the failure of Real Madrid in these clásicos. Sooner or later you are going to have to come to grips with the fact that if he is the best and highest paid coach in the world, that you can´t blame the referees or luck or the tooth-fairy for the fact that you are being out-coached by Pepe Guardiola.

  3. bikash says:

    great artical people should stop hating him just caz he is the best 1step infront of other :) hala madrid

  4. jon says:

    The fault was Mourinhos, not Ronaldos. He played the same tactics that was giving him wins in La liga, and no team had arguably challenged Madrid. He was just too confident, (how many attacking players did he start) He shouldve played a more defensive game, instead of having his attackers come down to try and defend, leaving Cristiano with no support whatsoever, which leads to having to force himself to play a more individual role.

    • elpresidente says:

      I agree with the premise, but not because he didn´t start a more defensive team but in fact the opposite. I think he needs to attack Barcelona more.

  5. shatha says:

    C.Ronaldo is the best

    • elpresidente says:

      against Sporting or Racing or Atléti, but until he performs at his best against Barcelona, no one will believe you.

  6. M.G. says:

    You cant deny that Ronaldo had a terrible game in terms of finishing. He missed two clear cut chances that if he had converted would most likely change the outcome of the game. He looked nervous on the pitch but you could say the same of every Madrid player.

    The El Classico games are won and lost in the midfield and Madrid has an inferior midfield, any team for that matter has an inferior midfield when compared to Barcelonas. What I have seen happening in all these Classicos is that the Madrid defence tends to overcommit, i.e. leaving their defensive positions early to compensate for its shortcomings in the midfield. The result oftentimes is a Barca goal.

    I would just like to express my admiration of Iniesta, he is such a genius that I believe he surpasses Messi as a player when it really matters, in the critical games.

    With regards to Ronaldo, yes he is treated unfairly, and, dont laugh,
    I really do believe it is due to his looks. Its a sad reality of human nature. Here is a personal example: I was sitting on a beach watching my cousin windsurf. He came to shore and looked at me and said: man are you ever arrogant, and I looked at him, perplexed, and said: you know Im not arrogant, and he replied: yeah I know but you sure look it. I think Ronaldo has that effect on some people.

    There is also the belief that because Real Madrid paid 80 million pounds to Manchester United for Ronaldo that he should bear the brunt of the blame. The reality is that Madrid would have never signed Ronaldo if he hadnt given up 50 percent of his image rights. And because he did the 80 million transfer fee has turned out to be a bargain.

    • elpresidente says:

      I think people dislike him not just because of his looks, but of his image overall. He oozes arrogance, like that silly dance he does between free-kicks, it´s idiotic. Sorry. But yeah, he´s one of the highest paid player in the world and he dates models like Irina Shaiyk and he´s good-looking, so we deride him in the same way that we do Paris Hilton is or the goombahs from Jersey Shore, but that´s just his image. Deep down I know he´s still the poor kid from Madeira who made good and I admire him for that at least.

  7. amadou says:

    what ever u say and what ever do the best is best Ronaldo player this year and u cant compare him with anyone else

  8. madritista says:

    nicely written! lets all hope madrid will do it next time!

    • elpresidente says:

      Thanks, and as an Espanyol fan I can get behind that last part too. Too bad they won´t as long as Mourinho is in charge


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