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elpresidente On December - 10 - 2011

Clásico Shout-out

La Liga Weekly would like to point the spotlight at our own Arch Bell, master of the Segunda division here on the site, who was featured prominently at in their build-up to this weekend´s clásico. They interviewed journalists from around the world and asked them how the game will be welcomed in their little part of the world. I really think that journalists in Spain are still somewhat bemused by the attention that La Liga gets all over the world, so that´s a subtext certainly in the Marca piece, but they´re extremely gracious to Arch, who is described a ¨resident journalist from Austin and a writer for¨ I would have flipped for a plug for our little site, but why quibble.

¨In the United States the consequences will also be important. Arch Bell offers a few final touches about the significance of this match on North American shores. `El Clásico is transmitted over two channels: GolTV USA in English and ESPN Deportes for the hispanic community. It is also discussed a lot on radio stations like ESPN Deportes Radio and other programs like Futbol en Vivo. About 10 years ago it was impossible to see the game. However, today you can see many people, in any city in the United States, wearing the shirt of either club. The majority support Barcelona but there is a group of Mexican fans who from their memories of their idol Hugo Sánchez go with Real Madrid.´

It´s an interesting article. It gives an idea how the clubs are seen in different parts of the world: Norway (both clubs have active penyas and coverage in HD and 3D), France (where the support is measured since Benzema and Abidail play for either side), Belgium (where the match will be the most-watched game of the year), China (where both clubs have huge followings but at 5am gametime it´ll be out of the bars) and Chile (where Zamorano´s Real Madrid once dominated but now they pine for Alexis´s Barca), but it can´t give a true picture of either club globally in a such a small space.

We are however very proud that the manner in which the clásico is perceived here in the United States comes from our friend Arch Bell.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Arch Bell says:

    Thanks Mando!

  2. elpresidente says:

    no problem Arch, congrats


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