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elpresidente On August - 13 - 2011

The Inconvenient Truth about Cesc Fabregas

The end is near. It´s the final curtain Gooners. My friends, this interminable transfer saga is now almost over. Cesc Fabregas will go to FC Barcelona as he has always stated that he wanted to return to, despite contracts and promises and captains badges, there was no way that the Gunners were ever going to have him talking in rhyming slang or kissing the cannon in his dotage.

There are some inescapable truths here. Francesc Fabregas was born in Vilassar del Mar, just up the coast, north-east of Barcelona. He comes from a family of culés. His grandfather took him to the Camp Nou as a kid. He was raised and trained at La Masia until he was 16. He played alongside Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique who, despite having left for Manchester United under similar circumstances, was never vilified to the same extent that Cesc has been by Arsenal supporters. I guess it´s the badge. He wears the armband for the cannon that Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Tony Adams wore. I know what it meant at Highbury, but does it mean the same at Asburton Grove? Or in Spain, where there are obvious cultural differences to what that represents? Giving him the armband didn´t pledge him to the Arsenal for all-time just because that´s what is expected of an Arsenal player in his prime.

It´s not even Barcelona really. It´s easy to say that they tapped the player up, that if his former team-mates, coaches, trainers and management had just left him alone, that he would have remained, happy, almost blissful at his ignorance of a better club or a better league waiting in the wings. I know that hurts. It isn´t every day that someone tells you these things. It´s inconvenient. The world´s greatest players love the Premier League´s money but they aren´t all that enamored of its football or its lifestyle. It´s not just Cesc, look at any of the ragsheets: Teves and Balotelli one week or a new set the next. The world´s greatest players can´t or won´t make the significant changes to acclimate themselves to England. What´s even worse in this case is that we have one of the rare few that did make himself open to a new culture and lifestyle, prospered, and still wound up leaving.

Why is it then that Cesc has wanted to leave for as long as I can remember? Is it really Barcelona´s fault? Barcelona allowed the kid to leave. Despite criticisms in house, the management at the Camp Nou were not at all interested in guaranteeing the kid and the family the same first team place that this new management team has done with Thiago Alcántara and his family. They allowed Cesc to leave in 2003 and he proved them wrong. Don´t blame Barça on this. I know it´s fashionable but the blame is closer to home.

For eight years he has plied his trade and learned how to be a starter, a captain, an international, a European Champion and a World Cup champion. He was already a standout player, comfortable on the ball and a great passer, but Arsenal molded him in their image. No doubt about it. He was there when they went undefeated in 2003, They won the title and, although he didn´t play in a single league game, he felt himself part of a winning club with a winning tradition.

Since then, the club have struggled to maintain their place as serious contenders with Manchester United. First Chelsea took their place and now Manchester City have pushed them aside. Arsene Wenger, once the most innovative of Premier League managers, has become the dottering ideologue that most of his critics thought he was when he first came to England. He wouldn´t adapt his club´s style (or couldn´t) and refused to fix the club´s problems at center-back, goalkeeper and at holding midfield. He refused to buy experienced leadership and trusted in his system, both on-the-pitch and in talent evaluation, to make up for the fact that Arsenal could not compete monetarily with their immediate rivals for Champions League places. Eight years is a long time for a major European contender to exist as such without a significant trophy. Their best players in response are making a choice, with their feet, and walking away from Arsene Wenger´s perpetual Arsenal reclamation project. They are tired of the empty promises and the empty trophy cases. Cesc is just one of many. That may be the worst of all the inconvenient truths.




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16 Responses so far.

  1. ImABarcaRetard says:

    No you f*cktard. If Cesc remained at Barca he would have been the likes of Mikel Arteta, Ruben Rochina and many many more Barca rejects who were thrown away or the likes of Thiago, Bojan who cant break into the first team because of Barca ignorance. Its because of Arsenals success with Cesc that you nuts even give a second look. If Cesc was so sure of his future at Barca long ago, he would not have sign that contract with arsenal back in 2003 at the first place! Stop leeching arsenal off their players! Remember Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Slyvinho, Giovanni van Bronkhorst, Thierry Henry, Aliasandr Hleb and now Cesc Fabregas? even pique went to united and barca took him back. LOL. barca are nothing more than big talkers who loves to play-act like they want to win an Oscar Award. That may be the worst of all the inconvenient truths.

    • elpresidente says:

      Cesc=Mikel Arteta? One is a World Cup winner and the other one has never been called up for Spain because he isn´t good enough. Maybe he might be good enough for England. Maybe. The reason people leave Arsenal isn´t that they´re being poached. You don´t win trophies so players want to leave.

  2. Rich says:

    the only inconvenient truth is the article itself. what a crappy, biased article cesc is a wimp. WIMP. if he ever plays enough, hell find his butt on the pine, frustrated, and certainly not wearing any kind of arm band, and more likely a cast. barca doesnt need him. waste of $$.

    • elpresidente says:

      Biased? Yes. You got me. This is a Spanish site about the Spanish League and right now it´s top of the world. Where every great player wants to play. Youĺl be surprised by how much he does play at Barça, especially when Xavi can´t play 90 minutes

  3. Surafel says:

    (How) many years did it take Barça to win a trophy at the turn of the century? The EPL makes more money than La Liga, has more stars, and is more competitive. Only one year did the EPL miss out in the champions league final. So please get your facts right.

    • elpresidente says:

      Here are the facts. Barcelona have won three out of the last six CL trophies beating English teams every single time. The best players play in Spain (Messi and Ronaldo) and, lo and behold Spain is more competitive. Sure there´s a big two no other team has won since Valencia won, but how many other teams (other than Chelsea and ManUtd) have won in England? Arsenal? When was that? 2003-2004. Same sort of duopoly in England. Why then aren´t more people talking about England being the new Scotland? The European slots in Spain are much more competitive than in England. There is no Big Four in Spain. There´s a group of 6-8 that can share the wealth. There´s your facts, man

  4. lol says:

    yeah, xavi et al talking about how cesc was suffering!!! didnt have anything to do with it.

  5. carlos says:

    Its amazing how the media makes Barcelona immune from criticism. Its Arsenes fault and what not. Cesc knows very well that in another 2 yrs time he will be groomed to seamlessly take over Xavis role and wants to prove himself as the successor until then.

    The amount of criticism Arsenal has received from the media when all they did was value him for the right price while Barcelona kept trying every possible dirty tactic from pulling a jersey over him to the mayor of Barcelona saying he was being kidnapped to the repeated comments from the players.

    Arsene does have his flaws but as a club, hes run it best than any other manager in terms of fiscal responsibility. The media fawn over clubs who keep splashing money like no tomorrow while Arsenal, running its as a proper business model gets slagged repeatedly.

    Barcelona have reached such pathetic heights that what they criticized Madrid about for years, theyve surpassed that to a far greater level.
    If they cant get their way in a game, they dive. If they cant get their way in the transfer market, they whine. Sad.

    • elpresidente says:

      I think the only thing pathetic is Arsenal fans´s petulance. Grow up and move on, or just get used to Europa League slots

      • Torch Nou Camp says:

        La Liga is a joke. A two horse race. Artificial success. Barca is financially imploding and will be the laughing stock of the football world in a couple of years. Fabregas? May he enjoy warming the bench of a team that couldnt last five minutes without excessive ref protection. Fuck off and die you Spanish douche bags.

  6. Anti-liga says:

    No one is fooling anyone, it should be the Barca/Real Madrid Liga. Even your website top banner shows barca and real madrid only! lol What is the sense of acomplishment in winning that?? Stop praising yourself, its sickening.

    • elpresidente says:

      So, tell me bright-boy, how many teams have won the EPL since 2004? Not so much different from Spain then

  7. anonymous says:

    I cant believe the ignorance of Arsenal and its fans. Arsen never did ANYTHING. Never really took a risk. Now look whats happened. Have not won a title in years and their biggest star is gone. Why in Gods name would Cesc stay in Arsenal when they have absolutely NOTHING going for themselves. Its time he went to Barcelona. Xavi is going to retire one day. Lets be honest. IMO Xavi is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best passer the game of futbol has ever seen, EVER. I would even go as far as to say, quite possibly the best midfielder EVER. Keep in mind Im a ManU fan. Cesc will obviously take over for Xavi and too be honest I dont think he will ever be close to what Xavi has done. Look at Messi in Argentina how he does without Xavi. Xavi is the reason why Barcelona is what it is today. All that is left is for Arsenal to finish outside the top 4 and then for Arsen to be kicked and then what? Yall have nothing!!! Besides Arshavin and Jack Wilshire.. lmao. That is a joke. Quit bashing on Barca fans and on Cesc. Its Arsenals fault they cant win anything and its their fault they couldnt keep Cesc. What a joke.

  8. Alby Jnr says:

    Great read good point about the Captains armband (it is spelt with a capital letter in Britain, maybe our island mentality shining through).

    I feel Cesc was not a necessary buy this year granted we have ticked a box on the things to do over next 2 years list early.

    Although not nearly finished in terms of playing time with this move we have in place the new guard to shadow and then take over from the old guard Xavi to Cesc, Puyol to Pique both positions at the spine of the team.

    I did enjoy Cescs play while at Arsenal but not so his personality the Hull match case and point, to me he can be a wee bitch as opposed to great leader. With a change of team and homecoming celebration set to rival that of the great Olympian coming home after a summer of spoils I tip my hat to Barca board for getting their man but right now he is not my man.

    Great read


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