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Arch Bell On June - 28 - 2011

The 2010-2011 Segunda Division Awards

Segunda awards 2010-2011It is that time of year when we get to hand out the virtual hardware for the best and worst of the Spanish Segunda Division during the 2010-2011 season. Have a look and by all means add your thoughts on feelings on my selections. I encourage discussion!

And now, the awards.

Most Valuable Player Javi Guerra (Valladolid)
If there was an award for the actual best player in the Segunda that would probably be for Betis Achille Emana but this award is for the player who was the most valuable during the season and Guerra fits the bill. His 28 goals was only second to 32 scored by Barcelona Bs Jonathan Soriano and you cant say enough about how many times Guerra delivered for his team in a clutch situation. When Valladolid were sinking midway through the season, it was Guerra who helped keep them afloat and helped rally Valladolid to make the playoffs.

Coach of the Year Pepe Bordalas (Elche)
Plenty of candidates are in the discussion including Granadas Fabri Gonzalez, Barcelona Bs Luis Enrique not to mention Pepe Mel at Betis and Sandoval at Rayo. But consoder that Elche lost two of their best players last summer, Jorge Molina and Juli, then lost Wakaso and Willy Caballero during the winter transfer period yet Elche came within a whisker at being promoted to the Primera. Elche were never a pushover in any match and were feared on the road where they won at both Rayo and Betis. Enough said.

Game(s) of the Year
Regular Season: Rayo 1 0 Betis
Remember that this game was on the same weekend as an international break so it was one of the rare times the Segunda was showcased in Spain. And this match did not disappoint as the top two in the Liga Adelante went toe to toe in a breathless affair in Vallecas that had the feeling of a Primera match.
Post-season: Granada 1 0 Celta (Granada advance on PKs)
This one wont be forgotten anytime soon. Granada even up the aggregate at 1-1, only to see Dani Benitez miss a penalty in regular time and again in extra time. Then Celtas Michu sends one over the crossbar that would have won it for Celtabefore Granada goalkeeper Roberto finally ended it with a save and PK convert. Instant clasico.

Newcomer of the Year Benat (Betis)
What more can you say about the Basque midfielder who was a vital part of the Betis midfield in helping the Sevilla club achieve promotion this season. Pepe Mel unearthed a jewel and left many Athletic Bilbao fans wondering just exactly how he got away from San Mames.
Honorable mention here goes to Las Palmas Jonathan Viera. A rising young star who is already on Real Madrids radar. Viera, along with a healthy Vitolo, could make Las Palmas one of the best teams in the Segunda.

Best Addition of the Year Playoffs
If there was ever a doubt that adding a playoff format to the Segundafor the final promotion spot a la The Championship in England, that was answered in six thrilling matches this past month.

Tearjerking Moment of the Year Michu at the Vigo airport
The video of Celtas Asturian striker, who missed the PK that would have beaten Granada, being consoled by the Celta fans upon the teams arrival to Galicia was a wonderful moment. The Celtafans have been derided by many throughout Spain for not supporting their team enough with paltry attendance numbers but they certainly showed up big when their team needed them most.

Most Bizarre Match of the Year: Rayo 3 3 Albacete
With 15 minutes left in Jornada 33, Rayo held a 3-0 lead over beleaguered Albacete. Considering that Albacete hadnt scored three games the whole season, this game was over But then it wasnt. Somehow the guests managed to get three across inf ront of a stunned Vallecas crowd to miraculously salvage a draw. Even in the weeks after the result left the Rayo players stupified. I still dont know what happened, Rayo midfielder Juli said. We made formation changes that we hadnt done all season. Guess we shouldnt have done that. Uh yeah, guess so.
Honorable Mention to Numancia 4 6 Barcelona B. Who needs defense? Gimme 10 goals a game every week!

Worst Comment of the Year Ex-Rayo president Teresa Riveros rant during a Feb. 27th match at Huesca.
They look like they dont even want to be promoted, judging by what Im seeing today Its a horror the amount of money my family has spent on Rayo.
Honorable mention goes to anything that came out of the mouth of former sleazy Betis owner Luis Oliver.

Worst Prediction of the Year Arch Bell (La Liga Weekly)
I picked Tenerife to win theSegunda in my season preview. Whoops. For whats its worth though other Segunda pundits in Spain also had the canarios getting promoted So there!

Worst Team of the Year Tenerife
For a team that looked like it had the makings up a bounce back up to the Primera, this season was an unmitigated disaster out on the islands. Out of the 42 week season, only two of those weeks were spent outside of the relegation zone. Who knows if theyll ever be heard from again.

Worst Match of the Year: Week 40 Albacete 1 2 Tenerife
By this point in the season both teams were already relegated when they took to the field in southeastern La Mancha. I think I would have preferred getting incessantly kicked in the  you-know-what than having to watch that mess. Apparently 1,689 people thought it was worth their time to buy a ticket to this one. You people need help.

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  1. Adam Boyle says:

    Arch I think if anyone deserves an award its you, for your sheer commitment to this crazy division. Frankly, Im happy to be leaving it behind mucho Betis!


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