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LaLigaWeekly On June - 6 - 2011

Segunda Focus: Put A Bow On It

So the 2010-2011 Segunda regular season has come to a close, much of it with a whimper. The only two matches of major interest were foregone conclusions by halftime with Valladolid cruising to a 2-0 win over Alcorcon with two first half Javi Guerra goals. And Elche scoring twice in the first ten minutes to put away Xerez 4-1.

The result means Valladolid grab the final playoff spot and will face Elche in their semifinal while Celta and Granada square off in the second semifinal.

Ill have a separate Segunda Awards article coming after the playoffs end but just a couple thoughts on the final weekend.

The final weekend of the Segunda season always makes me a bit sad because it is the time when we saw goodbye to players who retire from the game. Largely anonymous to the rest of the futbol world and most people who actually follow Spanish futbol, these guys like Ponferradinas De Paula and Las Palmas Josico finally get some due, albeit an extra paragraph or two in a game recap. These are players who have played across the Spanish landscape for nearly two decades and are the backbone of Spanish futbol. It would be too difficult to account for them all but they also serve as a reminder to appreciate the older veteran players while they are still active. I wonder what these guys do once they retire.

Anyways, Ponfe and Gimnastic drew 1-1 in De Paulas finale while Josico and Las Palmas got the last laugh in the Derbi Canario with a 1-0 win.

Albacete matched their season high for goals in a game scoring three against Huesca in a 3-1 win that was too difficult to watch because of the glaring reflection from the sun off the empty white seats in the Albacete stadium.

James Gallagher had an extra glass of albarino on Saturday to toast the ending of Celtas losing home winless streak as the Galicians beat Cartagena 3-0. Is the Curse of Juan de Vigo over? By the way, Carta forward Victor was the victim of a senseless and needless verbal attack by the clubs sporting director Angel Quirantes who basically said Victor has no right to feel pissed off that he wont be brought back because hes only been with the club a few years and even though he scored 12 goals, about five of those were penalties. Yeah, nice.

Betis clinched the outright Liga Adelante championship with a 2-1 win over Villarreal B in what was David Belenguers final match in a Betis uniform and it was also likely Achille Enamas farewell with the verdiblancos. Rayo end the Segunda season in second after their 2-3 loss to Barcelona B. Segunda Pichichi Jonathan Soriano scored yet again giving him 32 on the season while the Rayo faithful bid adieu to Coke who is on his way to Sevilla.

The scene at El Helmantico was downright depressing for Segunda B bound Salamanacs 2-2 draw with Numancia. Girona and Cordona played to a 2-1 final of Kick and Giggle and finally Granada head into the playoffs on a 0-0 draw with Recreativo.

Ill be back on Tuesday with a playoff preview.

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