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LaLigaWeekly On January - 3 - 2011

Product Review: Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG Boots

Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Happy New Year La Liga Weekly readers!

When one is considering a new football boot, there are many criteria that must be fulfilled. The set of criteria itself is fairly variable given the playing style and typical position of the player, as well as other things like playing surface and weather conditions. It behooves you to own a couple pairs of boots for all of these occasions and situations, but lets be realistic, besides a professional, who can afford that? Thus, you must make compromises when buying your lone pair of boots, hoping that you can meet at the least the most important criteria to your mind. If some things like comfort or durability are sacrificed for interchangeable studs or a nice touch of style, thats your prerogative. Suffice to say, it is not a simple decision, and everyone has their own rationale for buying a pair of cleats.

I should say, that was always my way of looking at boots. Throughout middle school and high school, I chose boots based on how stylish they were, paying no mind to comfort or durability. In fact, the kid with the loudest boots was typically the best player on the team, as you do not want to wear neon anything on the football field without the talent to back it up. Fortunately for me (never the most talented in the team), most of the teams I played on had several of these types, so wearing bright gold or silver boots was simply the norm. My list of previous cleats owned includes some real gems, including the old Adidas Predators in champagne that David Beckham wore at WC 2002, Lotto Zheros with a red stripe that Clarence Seedorf sported in the CL winning Milan team, Ronaldos (the fat one) original Nike Vapors, the first pair of Adidas f50s, the all black with yellow studs edition Arjen Robben popularized and finally a pair of gold Kelme Masters, my favorite boots.
I am pretty proud of all the boots I owned, and in fact still have the Predators, Vapors and Kelme Masters in a closet somewhere, collecting dust. But since the Kelme Masters, I went five years without buying a new pair. My rationale was simple: the Kelmes were comfortable, stylish and had held up for a long time already, so why try anything else? I was wrong though.
Within a few minutes of trotting around in the Nike Tiempo Legend boots, I was already aware that the level of comfort I was use to in cleats was poor. These cleats were like running bare foot, there was no stud poking the bottom of my foot, my arches were not aching nor was my foot sliding over the sole at times. It is very cold out this time of year but the cleats held up to the lack of traction on a muddy field as well as keeping my feet dry, and hence as warm as they could be. The cover over the laces was also nice, as it stayed in place well and covered the knot, which often gets in the way of striking the ball. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised that Nike had made a comfortable yet functional boot, something I have never given them credit for. Those Nike Vapors were blister/arch pain machines.
After 60 minutes of a game, my feet and legs were only tired, and the only pain I felt was from tackles. That says something considering I have very high arches, my toenails bruise quickly and I develop blisters often. Not even my Kelmes kept me that comfortable through out a game (yes 60 minutes, its a beer league), and the Nike Tiempo are stylish too, with the champagne finish that I liked so much about the old Predators. For the price, I would say they are a fantastic value, given the high quality leather and the strong stitching uses to keep the leather connected to the molded plastic sole. Even though they do not do anything out of the ordinary like make you faster or help you strike a free kick better, they will help you concentrate on playing your game. Do any of those claims actually pan out for the players who wear these boots with super powers such as the Vapors anyways?
If your a midfielder like me, who plays a simple game, you probably do not need all the bells and whistles of other boots. Even if your a flashy striker though, I would still recommend these boots. In the end, comfort and ease of use will probably up your game more than anything.

Make sure to check out additional firm ground soccer cleats at soccerpro like the Adidas F50 Adizero series and some photos taken brand new on my couch for your enjoyment:

Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red
Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG - White with Seaweed and Sport Red

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