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LaLigaWeekly On August - 23 - 2010

Monday Morning Papers 08.23
Real Madrid: Benzema arrives on top: Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid: The forward vindicates himself with goals after Mourinho petitions for signing another number 9. Ozil: left in Alicante, details of great quality. Di Maria: scored for the first time as a Real Madrid player.
Real Madrid: Benzema plugs-in: The number 9 of Madrid scores two goals. Di Maria scores his first, Ozil sparkles in his time as a player in his debut. Granero vindicates himself.

Reaction: I have to say that I wasnt all that impressed with Mourinhos Real Madrid, but again its early days in the transition away from Pellegrini. Still, this is why reading Marca is so frustrating. You get tons of rah-rah: Benzema has vindicated himself. Ronaldo looks so much fitter. Carvalho is an impressive leader. Mourinho has changed the outlook of the club. Hyperbole up the ying-yang, but you dont get much counterpoint, and Im not talking about the sort of anti-Madrid bile that the Barcelona dailies spew. Im talking about real, measured criticism in the classic sense. Oh well, to dream the impossible dream.

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