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LaLigaWeekly On August - 16 - 2010

Monday Morning Papers 08.16
Real Madrid: Today is the Day: Ozil: he´s at the point of signing after the final offer from Madrid to Werder. The player has already asked the club not to play him on Wednesday for their Champions League match. Jose Mourinho: ¨I´d like to have Ozil for his multi-positioning.¨
Real Madrid: Didier Drogba: Although Mourinho loves the Chelsea forward, the English ask for 22 million for him, and Madrid while reaching for Drogba reject him for his price. Mesut Ozil: The player gives his ¨yes¨ to Florentino. A total agreement with Ozil. The German waits for his club to let him leave today. On a contrary note, he´ll land at the Bernabeu next season. His team-mates already see him in white for this season. Madrid augment their offer from 9 to 14 million euros. Bremen have 48 hours to respond. After their trip to Los Angeles, the whites trasnfer him to Girona for 100 euros!!
Barcelona: Barca pressure Ibra so that he´ll leave. City doesn´t interest him anymore, but Milan are dead center again for the Swede´s transfer. FC Barcelona: Yes, Yes, That´s how you must play to stay: Ibrahimovic fights to stay. Zlatan’s reasons: He´s the pichichi of the blaugrana pre-season. He´s very motivated and shows an exemplary attitude. He´s working hard to convince Pep so he can stay at Barca. He doesn´t want to listen to offers from other clubs. Poll: Should we sign someone? 88% of the voters say yes.

El Mundo Deportivo: FC Barcelona: Pep wants no more signings: With the “cantera”. Guardiola will use the Barca B players. No reinforcements. Özil and Mascherano will only come if their price is very low. Ibra. Everything seems to indicate that he will stay, it is not definitive yet. Pichi Alonsos’ analysis: “Not signing more players means taking a very important risk.”

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