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LaLigaWeekly On July - 11 - 2010

World Cup 2010: Spain v Netherlands: The Final

Fernando Torres

Rather than look backwards, lets look forwards.  Someone else may be on that bench instead of Vicente del Bosque, someone younger maybe or just as experienced, but someone else more than likely. Would it be Pep Guardiola, or Michel, maybe Camacho for another go-around? Maybe two years from now, certainly four years from now, this Spain team will look quite different than the one we are looking at today.

Goalkeeper:  All will be in their early thirties, but since goalkeepers dont really hit their prime until then, it is a remarkable thing for any team to have the services of a world-class goalkeeper (let alone three), but to have had him since he was a teenager, and hes the captain? Iker Casillas is a rock and all expectations are, despite some rough patches at times in games, that he will continue to excel at the highest level.

Defense: This looks like the swan song for Carlos Marchena, Carles Puyol, and Joan Capdevila more than likely, but with Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique and Raul Albiól in their early 20s, the remaining crew will likely continue. You may see Ramos partner Pique as he is being groomed for that role at Real Madrid. It would just mean that the flanks would have to be patched together with some youngsters.

Midfielders: While Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso would be in their early thirties by Brazil 2014, neither play a physically taxing role, but this is where Spain are abundantly wealthy. Cesc is still only 23, David Silva is a year older at 24 and five of their other starters will be 30 years or older and younger, plus we havent even factored in the expected growth of players like Sergio Canales or Iker Munian. Face it in the position where Spain shine, they will be loaded for another generation to come.

Strikers: This is where Spain might be lacking in quality depth. Villa is the jewel in the crown, but hell be 30 by the Euros and 32 for Brazil. Hell still be effective, but hell need to play more as a support striker, and hell need to be spelled. The good thing is that a two years ago, a guy like Pedro was playing in the third division and were able to uncover him spectacularly. Spain also have a handful players just like him who can play all along the midfield and cover up front. They have variety in attack, Fernando Llorente at 25 is still learning his role, but the key is and will remain Fernando Torres. If he finds a league that can provide a less stressful theater for his talents, hell become the greatest striker in Spains history. If he stays in England though, El Niño can forget about having a long and productive career.

For those that say this is the end of the line for Spain, think again. They will continue to challemge for years to come.

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