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LaLigaWeekly On July - 12 - 2010

World Cup 2010: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

Sepp Blatter awards World Cup to Spain

Ill make this short and sweet. This is not an I told you so. I wont spend my time rebutting certain so-called analysts that have spread their prejudices here over the last two years, calling out the Spanish and the Spanish style of play other than this: Brazil were found out, Germany is not the greatest league in the world, and Spain are World Champions, so for the next four years, just stand in line, wait your turn, but please stop yapping. 

Instead, I want to celebrate what Spain did. Im not going to mention much the words Catalan, Castilian, Galician, Asturian, Andalusian, or any other that describes a region in Spain that has a beef with another. This was a victory for them all.

Iker Casillas is from the suburbs of Madrid. Carles Puyol is from Barcelona and here he was embracing his captain, both spent from the effort that both made for their country. Here was Fernando Llorente, from Pamplona, lifting David Villa, from Tuilla, on his shoulders, as the miners son from a town in the mountains south of Gijon cheered on his teammates who all fought and bled for their country; a country that many say doesnt exist in the same way that we may consider it. The rest were from Madrid proper: 4 in all including Castilla y León and the man of the match, Andres Iniesta, who like Spanish treasure and world-class film director Pedro Almodóvar is from La Mancha. Seven from Catalunya, not just the city of Barcelona, and three from the Basque Country if you include Navarra with the Basques. There was also a Valencian and two others from the Canary Islands. With them were naturalized citizens like Marcos Senna who stayed home injured and friends like Dani Jarque and Antonio Puerta who had passed on. This victory was for the generations of Spanish players who came close and those who didnt come close at all.

This was a wake-up call, a shot across the bow for those that would like to split the country in pieces, that there is more that unites these disparate groups than that divides them. The economic crisis has hit the country hard, double digit unemployment is rampant across the regions, and for the first time in a very long-time they were celebrating. This was a win, not for their town, or for their region but for Spain as more than a collection of semi-autonomous cultures separated by politics, geography and language

If you are a culé, or a madridista, please stay home. Wait until September. Wait until the season starts. In the meantime, do us a favor and stave off your rhetoric. Be quiet, and let the rest of us enjoy the victory.

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