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LaLigaWeekly On July - 12 - 2010

World Cup 2010: Morning Papers: Finals
Spain 1-0 Holland: Thats right, we are the Champions!: If youre 100 years old, 5 or 50 or inbetween, you have never seen: Spain lift the World Cup trophy!!. We have the star above the badge. A golazo from Iniesta in the 116 gave us the Championship of the World. Saint Iker saved the game with two saves for the history books. Then Iker gives Sara the kiss from Spain. 25 million Spaniards celebrate the victory in the streets. In spite of the savagery like this karate kick (by Nigel De Jong) and the acts of thievery by this one (Howard Webb), WE Won The World Cup!!

Spain 1-0 Holland: Champions of the World! From Spain to the Heavens Above: Iniestas goal in t he 116 minute becomes the most important goal in our history. Casillas, the best goalkeeper in the tournament celebrates in a big way with Sara Carbonero. Diego Forlan: Golden Ball. Wesley Sneijder: Silver Ball. Villa: Bronze Ball.

Reaction: What can I say more than what theyve already said. It seems anticlimactic to say anything else. Call me a purist or naive, call me ignorant, call me whatever you want, but Spain are champs, and football is thankful. They played the game the way it ought to be played. Call them boring or call them unexciting, whatever you will, but you cant call them anything but Champions of the World.

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