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LaLigaWeekly On July - 14 - 2010

World Cup 2010: Spanish Celebrations

Pepe Reina

For those of you who saw the after-party special yesterday where Pepe Reina, everyones master of ceremonies, introduced his teammates in a spectacular redux of his famed Euro 2008 monologue, and wondered what in the world he was saying, heres my little bit to help all of you. A translated version of the highlights.

Number 1: On the 20th of May in 1981 a Saint was born in Móstoles, stops a penalty in the quarterfinals against Paraguay, blocks everything in front of him in semifinals versus Germany, he sticks a foot on Robben in the final, he sticks a hand out to Robben in the final: Iker Casillas. With number 2, the friend of the famous, who kills himself for a pin, who loves to play and he loves to talk, Raul Albiol. With number 3, the friend of showbiz, the dandy of Spain, the worlds central defender, Gerard Pique. Number 4, the bat of Spain, fifty-five, fifty-five games without a loss, not everyone does that, Father Carlos Marchena. With Number 5, (smacks his forehead) the head of Spain, who willed us into the final with his african Tarzan hair, the man who eats shins, Carles Puyol. With number 6, sweet-sweet Iniesta, the man, lets see the man who wrote the screenplay for the final, the man the whole of Spain loves, Andres Iniesta. Number 7, the goal of Spain, the goal of Spain has a name, David Villa. Number 8, the batón, the batón, over here, over there, over here, maybe Ill steal, maybe Ill pass, Xavi Hernandez. Number 9. It all started two years and ago and thirteen days, and thirteen days when he scored the goal against Germany. He showed us how to dream. He showed us how to believe, and because of that we have won this Cup: Fernando Torres. With number 10, he doesnt want us to call him clueless, but lets see, wheres Cesc? Come here. Applause for Cesc. With number 10, he has a heart like no other, (Pique and Puyol put a Barça shirt on him) the future of Barça, the future of Spain, Cesc Fabregas. With number 11, the owner of the left flank, the fireproof, the phenomenon, the ugly mo-fo, Joan Capdevila. With number 12, the panther from Hospitalet, the genius, the character, no come here, come here, and they said we didnt get along, well come and get some, get some, well we dont get along or what?!?! Victor Valdéz. With number 13, the magic ankle, the friend of the threatened, Juanín Mata, Number 14, the lungs, the lungs, look, the wounds of war, for his country, for Spain, Xabi Alonso. With number 15, the Indian from Camas, the lungs of the right flank, he rises, like the coach says, hes a little nervous on his crosses, but he does it really well, the Indian from Camas, Sergio Ramos. Number 16, for me the man of the tournament, the snowplow from the bay, the octopus, the tentacles of Spain, the man who takes, distributes, takes away, works and allows us to play, Sergio Busquets. With number 17. We call him the Spartan, and why you ask? “Spartans, what is your profession?”, he says. “Auauau!!”, they say. Alvaro Arbeloa! With number 18. When he goess to the bathroom, hes on a sprint, when he eats, hes on a sprint, when he goes to bed, even in bed he runs, the authentic, the unequaled, Pedrito. Number 19. The wagon of La Roja. The one who threw himself for us against Portugal. The central defenders for Portugal looked like bowling pins. He carried the three, four, all five, he carried them all, the wagon of Spain, Fernando Llorente. With number 20, from the heights, the stoves of Bilbao, the man who steals more balls than anyone on the planet, the force, the will, the muscle, the delivery of Spain, Javi Martinez. With number 21. From the Canary Islands, with his samba, with his Guaza, with his art, over here, over there, a little magic, alright yes, ok no, Ill give it to you, maybe not, come and get it, El Poli, hes 1.4 meters, David Silva. With number 22, ah, we have a problem here, theyve escaped from the asylum here, youll see his face, and hes escaped running and they wont catch him cause he runs too fast, the crazy bird, the nerve of the selection, Jesus Navas. And with number 23, with a headache that I cant stand anymore, this humble speaker who is here with all of you with all of my heart!”

Pepe Reina. Simply the best. Que viva Pepe. Que viva España.

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