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LaLigaWeekly On July - 27 - 2010

Monday Morning Papers: 7.26
Real Madrid: Raul will announce his goodbye today from the Bernabeu. Yesterday was Gutis. Until always: The Captain: To play in Madrid has been a dream come true. Florentino Perez: This is no goodbye, just see you later. Maicon will be on the traveling squad for Inter Milan as it makes its way through the United States. Turkey doubles itself over to welcome Guti.
Real Madrid: Ozil, everyday much closer to Real Madrid. Raul: I leave, but its with a see you soon. Rauls number 7 should be retired and go to a museum. Pepe cuts his vacation short a few days to incorporate himself in Mourinhos training.
Barcelona: Cesc meets Wenger face to face. The player plans on putting pressure on the coach this Thursday.
Real Madrid: Madrids most chaotic Summer: No galactic signings and devalued stars. Ronaldo: After failing in the World Cup, he’s only on the news for his private life’s scandals. Raúl: Leaves the club through the back door like Guti, who announced his leaving yesterday. Benzema: Involved in a pandering case. One of his ex girlfriends could save him. Kaka: Injured and unable to adapt to the team, they want to sell him, but nobody wants him.

El Mundo Deportivo
Barcelona: Cesc. Final Offensive. Barça wants to finish off the signing this week with the crack’s help.
Cash, using a swap or agreeing to his arrival at Barça in 2011, are the scenarios. Pep told him where he would play. The replacement for Touré Yaya is almost here.
Real Madrid: Raúl says goodbye today after 16 years in the club.

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