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LaLigaWeekly On May - 22 - 2010

The New Barcelona 2010-2011 Kits

new FC Barcelona kits for 2010-2011 seasonUsually the Barcelona kits that Nike have been working on over the last few years have been truly horrendous, especially with the away kits. I remember that horrid beige kit, the tacky aquamarine or the god-awful radioactive yellow monstrosity, but at least the home kits have been classy, elegant and traditonal even when the Portland, Oregon sportswear giant flirted with half-panels one year or adjusted the width of the stripes, but this year., pretty much everything bites.

Home Kit: I dont like the yellow accents on the collar and the sleeves and I dont like the red shorts. Away Kit: This looks like a Sunday-in-the-park kit for teams in leagues that cant afford to buy real kits. The horizontal stripe is bad enough, but dividing it into blaugrana colors is even worse, and then to top it off, they put that on a field of puke green? Are they color blind?
Keepers Kit: The tiger stripes are putrid. Yuck.

Overall, a very disappointing rollout.

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