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LaLigaWeekly On May - 20 - 2010

Champions League Eccentricities And Futbol Spirits

Recently I was surfing the web looking for a certain wine.  I havent found the right one yet and am still searching but did come across several Italian vintages plus the preferred Champions League beer.

Heineken has long been the official sponsor of Champions League and their advertising campaigns are always catchy, good for a smile and laugh but how about this sports drinkers,

Roman Colosseum out of Heineken bottles pic2

May 27, 2009 saw the UEFA Champions League Final held in Rome and Heineken marketing gurus did not disappoint with the reconstruction of a Roman Colosseum out of Heineken bottles.

Roman Colosseum out of Heineken bottles pic1

Does this mean somewhere in Madrid right now there is a green Bernabeu?  Send us your Madrid pics so we can re-post them on LaLigaWeekly.

Still wondering about that thing is on the top of the Napoli bottle, baby pacifer or sex toy?

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