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LaLigaWeekly On April - 6 - 2010

Strike in La Liga Update

laligaweekly.comLast Friday, we commented that there was a distinct chance that there would be a strike called over unpaid wages by the AFE when representatives of Spanish clubs met in Madrid on Monday and that Saturdays Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona match would be the flashpoint. Well, they met and the derby match has been spared.

Are you breathing yet, because its still a cause to worry. Round 33, which is the following week, is now the date. On that date the players in the Primera, Segunda, Segunda B and the Tercera Division (essentially the top 4 professional divisions of Spanish Football) will walk and no games in Spain will be played.

In response, the LFP is profoundly worried if a grand pact isnt reached before then between the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation) and the AFE (Spanish Players Association). They add a strike would cause great harm to professional football and the credibility of its competitions, the deterioration it would cause to its clubs and the financial losses for the very same players. We are convinced that all sides, in a calm serious dialogue of compromise, can reach an agreement and avoid a strike.

Now, Im sure an agreement will be reached, there have been signs of movement, and this is not the first time a work stoppage has been threatened in the last few years alone. I can recall two other similar situations and both of those were avoided with little fanfare, but maybe thats the problem.

Maybe there should be some fanfare. It is not right that players should sign a contract and then not be paid for months if not years of service. These are not the Messis or Cristianos, but professional footballers nonetheless who are making the bare minimum, those who are struggling to get noticed at the early stages of their careers or even hanging by their fingernails at the end of a long and fruitless one, and yet even they deserve to know that their bills will get paid, food will be on their table and the lights will be on in their homes.

Solve the situation. Pay the players what they are owed.

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