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elpresidente On March - 16 - 2010

Tuesday Morning Papers v1

Sorry about the lateness of this post, so I had to change the column for this week to Tuesday morning papers, but I did post another Premier League Nonsense for you all instead. SO enjoy the war of words here between Madrid and Barcelona.
Barcelona: Pep Guardiola: the referees ask for sanctions on Pep. Demanding punishment for calling Clos Gomez a liar.
Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo: The committee wont sanction the stamp. Cristiano fed up with the aggressions, They take your will to play. Nivaldo: He is a provocateur, he should have been expelled. Suarez, the President of Valladolid: Those wounds were not made by Nivaldo. Inset picture: Nivaldo stamped his boots on Cristianos tibia. The portuguese had already received a previous love-tap. Ashley Cole: Madrid thinks about Ashley Cole for their left back.
Atletico Madrid 1-0 Osasuna: A grand goal by Jurado lifts 10 man Atleti after the absurd expulsion of Simao. De Gea avoided the final attack of the match for the Navarrese seeking a draw.
Sevilla 1-1 CSKA Moscow: Sevilla on to the quarterfinals for the first time in its history.
Reaction: Its a grand day when Real Madrid win in the league, but rather than bask in a 3 goal goleada, Cristiano is being babied by his favorite ragsheet Marca. Its quite embarrassing. What footballer wants to be known as that sort of crybaby. CR9 is stronger, taller and he still spends so much more time diving for penalties than Messi. Get up and prove youre the best in the world. Oh, and Ashley Cole in Spain? Im sure hed enjoy his last payday, but hes no longer the best in the world, and Englishmen dont travel well.

Mundo Deportivo
Barcelona: Messi wants to go to the Bernabeu. He feels like 2010 will be another great year and wants to win La Liga and the Champions League in Madrid. He doesnt forget that Madrid used him in a video presentation to save Cristiano from his elbow on Mtilga. Opts for Everything: Leo in the running for all the awards. Henry: the fans are asking for Henry in front of Stuttgart. Valdes, better than Casillas, Diego Lopez, Reina or Palop. Alves: Many are hoping for us to fall.
Reaction: While I am certainly not against sending Valdez out to the World Cup, I am just not sure that he isnt even the third best keeper in Spain. Casillas is still the best in the world. Palop is a monster and Reina is an experienced shot stopper. Typical Mundo Deportivo too, riling up the Madridistas. I love this stuff actually.

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