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Official Adidas 09-10 Spain Training TopFor my product review, I got to try the Adidas Spain Training Top that La Furia Roja (Spanish national team) will be wearing while in South Africa for the World Cup this summer, courtesy of SoccerPro. The top came to my door very quickly, maybe a week after I ordered it, and was in the usual adidas packaging, with a nice fold job and all the official tags on the top as was to be expected. As I ripped open the plastic, the kit had that new polyester smell to it (its kinda like new car smell, but it does not last nearly as long) and felt soft to the touch. Which is a very good thing because wearing something your sweating in, you never want it to be itchy.

Continuing with the theme of looks, the color scheme was pretty sharp, although not a traditional look for the Spanish team. The main color being blue, you would assume it was an Italian or French training top, but the red and yellow stripe that runs down the shoulders is unmistakable as Spanish. Other then the nice embroidered Spanish crest though, the blue with red stitching dominates the layout, with the various ventilation flaps red underneath. Looking at it laying on your bed, it does not seem like there is alot going on, but its a different story when you put it on. The ventilation flaps become more visible, adding further elements of red in addition to the stitching which helps distinguish it a bit. Still could have done without the blue though, as its a very bright hue and has a glittery kind of quality to it. The blue of the Spain shorts probably would have fit better with the red and yellow.

Any gear that is officially licensed and worn by players such as the Spanish World Cup Jersey, is going to be a hot item for fans to have, and that was indeed the case here, with the training top only available in large, which I settled for as it was just a trial. Being of a rather large build in my shoulders, I was hesitant to order a large, fearing it would be to tight to wear anything other then a dry-fit shirt underneath. I was pleasantly surprised though that the fit was not as tight as I assumed, and it did not restrict my arm movements. It still fit snuggly, keeping me from wearing anything other then a thin long sleeve for my daily runs. But thats what a training top does, keeps itself tight to your body.
Although my movement was not restricted, it did tighten up across the chest, with my nips popping out rather obviously. It was cold out when I went for a run, so what can I complain about? As it was so cold, the ventilation flaps were hindering the body heat I was trying to maintain, so they worked well if you consider you should be wearing this top in the heat of South Africa in June. Polyester is not going to keep your warm or cool by itself, but it works well with the mid-range temperature, and having worn it in my apartment, which is not much warmer then it is outside, it did keep me from shivering. Note to self, stop being so poor that you rely on football gear to keep you warm versus your heaters.
The best feature of the top was the thumb holes in the sleeves, which covered your hands but not your fingers. Great for running with, the problem with thumb holes usually is that if your swinging your arms much the hole starts to rub on the inside of your thumb. No such complaints here, probably because the polyester stretched enough to compensate. If your not going to be wearing the top for only football, then driving, operating heavy machinery, playing video games/channel surfing and performing intricate surgical operations could all be done with your thumbs in the sleeve. Its better then buying special gloves just to wear on the pitch, and who wants to wear gloves when they drive or play video games? Again, I need to turn the heat up.
The last neat feature was the high collar which I would brush with neck ever so often. That kept some heat in and shielded part of my neck against the wind. I say part of my neck because the collar is not the same height all around, and I found that to be a curious choice, prioritizing design aesthetics over functionality. I detest the Francesco Totti (Mirko Vucinic wears one too but he was not the first) ear warmer that he wears around his neck, so a higher collar would be a good addition.

Length was good and as I mentioned, running in it felt fine, but if you like to not wear a shirt when you run then this is not for you obviously. It looks sharp, fits well, feels natural with just one layer on underneath and has some nice features to it, so if your a Spain fan, I would say you should buy it. Pretty sure the same design is used for the other adidas European teams, so if look it up for your team.

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