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Corey On February - 16 - 2010

What Just Happened?

La Liga Scramble

Llorente Weaves His Way Through the Yellow Submarine

I was watching the Villarreal versus Athletic Bilbao match on Saturday night nursing a beer and waiting for the hamburgers to de-thaw in the sink. Exciting night I know, but I did not end up eating until closer to 7 because of what transpired at the end of the game, which is hard to sum up in to words. A fair first half saw three goals and some good play from both sides, with Nilmar putting Villarreal ahead just before half time with a neat finish off debutant Matillas lead ball. The second half was a little slower, as Bilbao ran out of ideas to grab another goal, since Gabilondos strike was inspired, but the only great chance they had had all night. Its the 86th minute now and Bilbao is pressing with a corner. From here on out, its a white flash.

So with the help of my DVR to rewind things a bit, let me go through blow by blow the last three minutes of normal time and the additional seven minutes of time the referee added on to the end of the game, stream of consciousness style. Trust me, popcorn and a comfy chair is required for this kind of drama that only La Liga can provide.

71: 00 through 85: 00 - A couple of subs, including Iker Munian for the goal scorer Igor Gabilondo, Toquero for Oscar, Musacchio for Matilla and Marco Ruben for the dangerous David Fuster. Villarreal are wasting time with their subs, while Bilbao are going to go for it with two strikers thrown out there. Not much has been going on this half besides Nilmar missing a hat trick of chances. Bilbao have looked toothless up front beyond the long ball knock downs of Llorente. Maybe I should check out those beef patties, and my beer is almost empty. ehh, ill stick to the game.
86: 00 - With the announcer talking about Marco Rubens brief career, a long ball finds Toquero, who lays off to fellow substitute Munian. Within the blink of an eye, Munian has put Llorente in with an intelligent pass, but Javi Venta makes a quick intervention and the ball is out for a corner. Wow, Munian is some player, but I cant see Villarreal conceding the late. Im going to get up and grab another beer.
86: 23 - Grabbed another beer, but the corner was already taken. The ref signals for another corner, but on the replay it looks like it hit a Bilbao player last. Senna and Diego Lopez are both furious and start shouting at the ref, as the Madrigal erupts with displeasure. Its squeaky bum time right? Given the size of the giants Bilbao employs as footballers, set pieces are always a danger. Better see this one out then.
86: 32 - Next corner, headed behind by a Villarreal player for another corner, this time the opposite flank. Yawn.
86: 59 - Orbaiz plays a lazy ball that is low and right at the near post defender. The ball is cleared A throw in is also cleared right out of bounds.
87: 21 - The ball is pinging around the left wing, but eventually Iraola crosses the ball in to the box where San Jose, pushed up from a previous corner, controls and layoffs to Llorente. The big man moves horizontally across the top of the box where he passes to Iker Munian, the 17 year old wonder kid who had just come on a few minutes before. Munian controls the ball before a little shimmy and a jink, which forces Javi Venta, who could be his father with 17 years difference between the two, sticks out a clumsy leg and down goes Munian. Penalty!
88: 00 - Javi Venta did not even argue, as he hangs his head in shame. Looked pretty obvious in real time, but on replay. I dont know, Munian goes down pretty easily there, and one angle looked to me to prove no contact, but another I couldnt tell. I would never be a referee.
88: 25 - Diego Lopez is arguing with the ref and trying to put Iraola off. The shot is.saved low to the left!!! Wow!!! Great save, but the penalty was not hard enough to a corner.
88: 52 - Villarreal counters swiftly, and the ball ends up with Pires, who is 1v1 with Irazaoz, but he decides to pass to the back post where a diving Ruben cant get a tough and Castillo clears and then falls into the post. AYYY!!! Almost a goal at either end, this is exciting stuff all the sudden.
89: 10 - The ref gave Bilbao a goal kick??? Ibagaza gets booked for arguing, and the ball is punted up field. Strange decision there, it clearly came off Castillo. The Villarreal fans are really letting the ref have it now!
89: 38 - Hmm, a challenge in the air results in a set of players on the ground in a heap. A crowd gathers, but I do not know what happened because they were showing the last incident on replay. The suspenselots of pushing and bickering, and the ref has a red card in his hand? What the hell?
89: 58 - Javi Martinez gets up and starts shoving people before the ref sends him off? What happened to warrant that? Martinez is furious, but the Villarreal players all have their hands near their face arguing with the ref as well. That means they dont agree with the call, I watch enough Serie A to know that. How could they not agree with a decision that is in their favor? Still not sure what transpired.
90: 30 - Javi Martinez is bleeding from the face, and Deigo Godin is being restrained by Gonzalo and Diego Lopez. Looks like he got a red card as well. For what!?!
90: 48 - A crowd of yellow around the ref as he makes notations in his little book. Finally a replay. Both players go up for a ball, and Javi Martinez gets a forearm into Godins face. Senna clears the ball, and Capdevilla runs over to yell at Martinez as he lies on the ground seemingly hurt as well?
91: 02 - The plot thickens! Another replay shows Godin rolling around as if hit by a truck, and as he rolls over, he scrapes Javi Martinezs back with his studs. Okay, now a third replay shows Godin had his arm extended as well and he caught Martinez in the face. Eye for an eye, red card for red card I suppose.
91: 28 - Okay lets get on with it. Wait, there is a ton of Bilbao players arguing with Villarreal fans in the stand behind their bench! The Villarreal bench has cleared now, and the stadium security and their fancy hats have come over to clear up the mess.
91: 50 - On replay (yet again) Caparros was shouting something at Godin as he left the field. While this is happening, Villarreal staff are trying to restrain both men, and Caparros gets showered with water from the stands?!?!?! Hmm, so Godin started it with a gesture, but Caparros charged towards him and got wet from an irate fan.
92: 21 - Caparros has been sent off? He is walking down the tunnel nodding his head, so is that an admission of guilt or just trying to dry his hair? He did have words with Godin which is totally unprofessional, so good riddance to him.
92: 48 - The game finally is restarted, but who knows how much l
onger this will go on. Hahaha, 7 minutes of added time is what the fourth official holds up. Why not end this game now before it gets any worse?
93: 16 - Ohh that was not a tidy challenge was it. Marco Ruben is down, and the referee races over to produce a card. Wait, did someone just pull on Marco Rubens hair? HAHA it was Orbaiz, and he has been sent off now. Why in the world did he do that? Stupid stupid move from a veteran. Now he is chatting up some Villarreal players while he leaves the field.
94: 20 - Ruben goes down again and wins a free kick outside the area. Villarreal continues to try and protect the ball by the corner flag but with no avail. The ball is played around now, and Senna sends a ball in and woooooohhhhh what was that? Irazoaz does not claim but tries a Bruce Lee kick and wiffs, leaving the ball behind him but a Bilbao player clears. Haha this is so entertaining.
96: 10 - More throw ins and Munian is puttering around the field. Nilmar breaks free and feeds Pires who stands on the ball to long before passing back to Nilmar and going down in the box. What was the point of that? On the replay, it was a foul in the box on Pires, but that penalty was never going to be awarded.
97: 08 The whistle sounds finally. What a finish that was a dull game up until the last few minutes. Better check on those burgers now, maybe do a blog post about this..
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