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elpresidente On August - 27 - 2009

Espanyol name a new captain

With the death of former captain Dani Jarque, the club have been reeling with the expectations to find someone to take up the mantle of the captaincy, someone who can focus their grief and lead them. Its a good choice, the man they call Lil Buddha is already an on the field leader with his controlled passing game. He came up with the Barcelona youth team and was regarded as the natural successor to Pep Guardiola but according to some, Barca coach Johann Cruyff preferred to give his son Jordi playing time. In that link I posted, right here again if you missed it, the author noted that Ivans career had been wasted by an inattentive Louis Van Gaal who sent him and practically an entire generation of blaugrana youth teamers because they didnt fit his criteria. He never fit in with Lazio, or Marseille on loan, or even back in Barcelona, but in the last 6 years playing for the blanc-i-blau, the man has recaptured his form and become a club legend. His passing is legendary, his vision unpareiled and even though his pace which was slow to begin with and is now almost nonexistent, his value to the club is immense. He is one of the few players who can change a game and never have a shot on goal, never tackle, never even pressure I might add, so it is not shocking that De la Pena has been given the captains armband but with a guy who has had the reputation of a surly, moody fantasista, a shorter, not so hairy Juan Roman Riquelme, it is more than a bit surprising. It was up to the players themselves to choose a captain and they did, so now its up to the little guy to make his mark finally after all these years.

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