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elpresidente On June - 25 - 2009

Brazil is not Brasil

Brazil coach Dunga hates the Brasil 1982 squad. A flair team that didnt win anything he says. Socrates, Zico, Falcao, Cerezzo, and others; they flattered the eye but left the Brazilian name in tatters. Instead he holds the 1994 squad that he captained, led up front by Bebeto and Romario, as the pinnacle of the sort of side that this version of selecao should aspire to: Italian tactics (Dunga played most of his time at Fiorentina) married to the much vaunted Brasilian joga bonito. That may have been the intent of the ex-holding midfielder, but what weve seen (especially in todays Confederations Cup semi final against hosts South Africa) has been appalling.

His Conferedations Cup squad, in terms of talent, is probably the worst squad we have ever seen in the carioca shirt. The corpse of Gilberto Silva has been dredged up from the Turkish or Greek league or wherever hes been forced to stud to protect a solid but unremarkable defence led by old man Lucio. In the middle we have Kaka and little else and up front, rather than the lights of Brasilian talent, were left with Sevillas Luis Fabiano? In support we have Robinho who disappears for stretches of games if not series of games at a time. Hes the definitive lightweight if Ive ever seen one.

Where are this eras Ronaldinhos or Ronaldos? Are we led to believe that Brazil are lacking in that level of striking talent? Bull. Against a world powerhouse like South Africa, Dunga decides to leave the likes of Alexandre Pato, Nilmar, Julio Baptista, and Elano on the bench. Who is he kidding? Dani Alves is good enough to start for the Champions League champions Barcelona but not for Brazil? Dunga waits until the 80th+ minute to bring him in and almost immediately he imposes his skill on the events at hand. Thats what flair players do. They change the game just by being there. No wonder Dunga is the Brazilian name for Dopey.

Theres no doubt that Brazil were naive in the past, expecting skill and technical ability to take them further than Johan Cruyffs Holland or Der  Bombers Germany, but a generational change that they made after the 1982 World Cup, to forsake that which made their game great to compete with lesser more technically advanced sides, was a mistake. Dungas Brazil are the legacy of that change; a Ferrari driven by a blind man. I think maybe its time to return to the legend of that 1982 Brasil squad instead.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. LI Matt says:

    There has actually been very little criticism of Dungas choice of Maicon over Alves. Maybe there will be some now.

  2. Haha funnily enough, during the Brazil vs SA match I was thinking of writing an article saying exactly the same thing, with EXACTLY the same headline :-D

    Agree 100%. Brazil in name, Greece in tactical makeup.


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